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Great for running

by Will Swain

Lots of variety to stop you from getting bored

I run between 5 and 10 km and I love the variety that the coastal trail offers for both terrain and amazing views.

There are lots of different physical challenges along the route and no matter where you are on the trail and whatever the weather there's always something interesting to see. For example, recently I've enjoyed seeing the progress of the off-shore wind farm construction. I feel very lucky that I get to run next to the sea in a National Park that happens to be on my doorstep! Besides the obvious health benefits of getting regular exercise there's something about running next to the sea that's good for your mental wellbeing too. Give it a try! 

A beautiful walk by the sea

by Clare Wilkinson

Blow away the cobwebs!

I have only walked this in sections but whatever the weather the views are stunning.

With the ever changing weather the seascape looks different most days that you walk along this part of the coast. Stunning views in either direction so I highly recommend turning round to look behind you so that you don't miss out. So much to look out for and given how up and down parts of the path are it's probably better excercise than you realise. The photo is my favourite view on the trail.